Yin Yoga Classes at  KaLy Café

Centrally located KaLy Café offers an unrivalled panoramic view. Come practise a candlelit Yin class blessed with the energy and stillness of the mountains which lie before us. 

Tuesday Yin


Yin yoga offers the opportunity to sink deeper into your practise; we hold postures longer – anywhere between three – seven minutes. These longer holds allow us to work at shifting energy blockages in the body and thus move our nervous systems into a parasympathetic state. We work on an altogether deeper level. Yin promotes and changes the flexibility of the body by affecting the deep connective tissues as opposed to just working the muscles. 



Studio Classes at Physio & Co 

Come practise in this beautiful studio in Barboleuse with free parking.

The Monday Mindful



Great for everyone. Slower pace but we still work hard.

An especially good place for beginners to start.


Thursday Stretch and Flex


Pacy with a great soundtrack. Work hard. Have fun.

Practise with a mirror and start to see how to realign your body.


Drop In : 24chf

Twelve Class Card : 258chf

Six class Card : 132chf

Class Cards are valid 1 full year

*Please note booking is required. Classes are a maximum of ten so it is first come first served :)



First Class for 15chf

Introduce a buddy who buys a Class Card and you get 5chf off YOUR next Class Card!


The more you practise the less you pay!

Finish your Class Card in 6 weeks and get 5chf off your next; finish it in 4 take off  10chf! 

Classes in English and in French if needed.  


Thinking of birthday or Christmas presents? Gift Cards are available!



Monday and Thursday classes take place at Physio & Co, Place de Barboleuse 5, Gryon 1882; Tuesday's class takes place at KaLy Café, Avenue Centrale 118, Villars

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